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We’ve done big things but our
feet are always on the ground.


Our down-to-earth perspective comes from our self-made founder. Starting out in sales in 1981, he soon flew solo; opening his own company in 1992.

In the 80’s and 90’s, projects in Bahrain were small to medium-sized. The market grew steadily as people transitioned to using aluminium products for homes and offices. In this period, our work was recognized for its quality and consistency. A significant opportunity presented itself to the team – work on a royal palace in Bahrain. We had new ground to innovate in line with regional styles. We were the first fabricators on the island to combine Islamic mashrabiya work done in metal into double-glazed windows, and to curve glasses for arched and curved windows.

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By 2001, regional investors propelled construction of taller and larger buildings in Bahrain. The founder’s drive, work ethic and persistence gained him an independent commercial license and ashbee grew apace with the Bahraini market.

Back then, ashbee was one of only two companies to produce insulated glass in-house and the first fabricator to invest in CNC machinery. The urban landscape in Bahrain underwent the first stage of a dramatic face-lift in the early 2000s. New neighbourhoods in the city-centre, new developments off the coast, and large villa projects are spaces where ashbee has acquired expertise and left its mark.



Indian developers began to approach us in the early-2000s during the first sparks of the Indian construction boom. The team was able to expand their GCC-wide experience to the subcontinent as ashbee Bahrain executed a five-star hotel and mansions in Goa.

Anticipating the size of the Indian market, our founder decided to invest in the construction of a large plant on the outskirts of Mumbai. Simultaneously, we built our own factory in Bahrain.

Associated activities such as powder-coating, cradle maintenance, and steel fabrication were now firmly a part of in-house production as we realized this was key to consistent outcomes.



As we come to the end of the 2010s, ashbee stands established in two countries. We maintain our position as one of top two fabricators in Bahrain. In India, as one of the top five, we selectively take on large unitized or otherwise niche projects. Our final work continues to display the same premium standard irrespective of geography.

This is made possible by a business model that delivers professional outcomes, while retaining an attention to detail and oversight only possible in an owner-driven setting. The second generation is careful to maintain this unique modus operandi as they transition to the helm.