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Fluent in Façade
from experience

Building envelopes have a complex relationship with every other component in a structure.

When this relationship is ignored, common scenarios play out – buildings that look great but are unpleasant to inhabit, poor sound insulation and leakages, glass breakage, insulated glass failure, disregard of maintenance systems, and expensive rectifications.

Functionality issues can be a rude awakening once the building is occupied. Then there’s what goes on during the project lifecycle – setbacks, redesigns, endless and tedious exchanges of drawings with each contractor. When these take place after building has begun, the financial toll can be catastrophic.

Even when the best consultants have been chosen, the fanciest systems selected, and seemingly all things have been considered, all of the above can still take place.

What can go a long way to ensure the best outcome for the project?

Ideally, appreciating the role of the facade contractor as a critical collaborator at the design stage. Why? Architects, consultants, contractors and clients have essential but often conflicting provisions for the build process.

Stakeholders must be aware of the gulf between architectural design and construction design.

Translating one into the other requires experienced interpreters.

It takes specialist façade experience to integrate various design decisions and evolve a construction strategy.

Preparation and installation of the building envelope takes place in stages, layered with the work of the main contractor. Closure of the building on time is critical for contractors working on the interior.

All this means it is in our interests to get it right, and to get it right the first time.

It means our work and how we’re allowed to carry it out has serious consequences on the project schedule and ultimately, the building’s functionality.

Our style of working is a positive accrual of decades of experience. With these fundamentals in place, clients can expect the following experience when they work with us –

• Partner from design to completion

• Project first mentality

• Family business culture with large firm results

• Resources and facilities to complete on time

• Professional and approachable

• High quality facades in all respects

• Custom solutions and profiles

• Dedicated project manager